How to Assemble Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Sep 5th
Best Kitchen Cabinet Handles
Best kitchen cabinet handles

Replacing old cabinet hardware to update the look of your kitchen only requires a screwdriver. Kitchen cabinet handles, also called jerks, usually sold in kits that include mounting screws. Some hitches are attached to the side of the box or drawer with a single screw. If you are replacing pulls together by two screws, select replacement strip screw holes of the same distance as the existing holes. Open the closet or drawer. Push the threaded rods for mounting screws through holes drilled in the cabinet door.

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Kitchen cabinet handles position substitution on the outside of the door such that the screw holes in the handle are aligned with the tips of the screws protruding from the cabinets. Place one hand over the heads of the screws inside the cabinet. Place the screw holes in the handle on the tips of the screws. Hold the handle in place while tightening the screws on the inside of the cabinet. If you are replacing kitchen cabinet handles or knob that uses only one screw, push the shank of the screw through the back of the cabinet door or drawer face. Hold the screw in place with a screwdriver and turn the knob or handle clockwise to tighten.

There are many styles of handles and hinges for kitchen cabinets to choose from, from simple and basic to extravagant and artistic. The use of kitchen cabinet handles to open doors and drawers fitted more easily, but are not essential. Hinges, moreover, are necessary to operate the cabinet doors. The kitchen cabinet handles are key elements in kitchen cabinets, not only because they are basic elements but because they have an aesthetic appeal.

Handles actually are not absolutely necessary because it can open doors and drawers without them, but have them contributes to the combination of the cabinets. There are various types of kitchen cabinet handles, knobs shooters. The handles are usually metal but can also be wood or plastic. Termination of a handle can be in bronze, silver, gold, brushed nickel or copper.

Although a screwdriver should be appropriate when placing replacements handles and hinges, it is beneficial to use a drill when different metal parts are placed. You can use a drill to create separate holes properly if the ancients did not match those required for new items. Remove the metal elements of the cabinets, dip them in soapy water and rub with soft brush helps remove dirt from the kitchen.

Installation Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Changing kitchen cabinet handles is a way to update your kitchen without having to go all the fuss and expense of refinishing furniture. New handles can also complement a job refinishing if gone in that direction. No point in buying new kitchen cabinet handles, however, if you do not know how to install them. Measure the distance between the screw holes cabinet handle to determine the necessary distance between the holes in the door of the kitchen cabinet.

Cut a piece of masking tape longer than the distance measured between the screw holes. Stick it inside the closet door. Repeat on the outside of the cabinet door. Hold the level of painter’s tape on the inside of the cabinet door and mark the position of the screw holes on the tape.

Make a hole at each mark, sized to fit the screws that come with the handles, right through to the other side of the door. Place the handle so that each tip screw goes in the screw holes in the handle. Hold the handle flat against the closet door while tightening the screws with the screwdriver. Repeat with the rest of the cabinet doors and kitchen cabinet handles are equipped with new shooters.

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