Keeping Safe With Low Loft Bunk Bed

Sep 13th
Cute Low Loft Bunk Bed
Cute Low Loft Bunk Bed

Low loft bunk bed are much lower in height than its peers, but that does not mean falling off one is not going to result in serious injuries. And because they are lower in height, most people tend to overlook the potential danger with them and even neglect to take care of themselves or their children when using the low loft bunk bed. Like any loft bed, climbing up and down the bed is a frequent and necessary activity. And this climbing happens on an angled ladder, or worse still, a vertical ladder. Few of us are adept at moving on around on both our hands and feet at the same time, just like how it is to climb ladders. And a fully vertical ladder is even more challenging.

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The most difficult and dangerous part of moving around on the ladder is when you reach the top of the low loft bunk bed, where your hands have no more ladder to hold on to. The same thing happens when you try to get down. You have no support to begin with when you’re trying to put your feet out to the air, hoping they will find the steps of the ladder underneath. Most people fall off not because they cannot climb ladders, but once in a while, a slip, a misstep, all these can cause a bad fall. To prevent such an accident, the simplest thing to do is to install a handrail together with the bed. The hand rail runs along the whole ladder, and extends beyond the end of the ladder for you to hold on to, either during the climbing up phase or going down stage.

Besides hand rails, ladders for the beds should be sufficient wide and its steps far enough from one to the other for a proper step to go between. Just because low loft bunk bed have low bed heights doesn’t mean the ladder should be compressed to fit in too. For young children’s bedrooms, the floor area around the bed can also be padded with soft but firm foam like those in children’s playgrounds for additional protection. In the unfortunate event that they should fall, at least they are cushioned from the hardest hit.

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