Popular Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Sep 11th
Popular Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinet
Popular Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinet

Today we give you some tips for using chalk paint kitchen cabinets a very practical and decorative solution. Paints need to know how much we will have to measure area you want to paint finish slate. Afterwards, always following manufacturer we can make estimate. Estimated to need two hands and if surface is very porous, absorb more amount of paint.

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Chalkboard paint gives your space a creative and functional touch; and it allows you to change details of your decor. Chalk paint kitchen cabinets have become a very popular alternative to give space a creative twist as well as utilitarian.

Some tips for chalk paint kitchen cabinets

– If they are colored, always apply it on a white background. This way you will ensure that finish is elected.

– After applying it, wait seven days before painting on wall. In this way we ensure that paint hardens into real board.

– Classic chalk, white type, is best suited to paint because it does not grate or leave traces.

– To clean chalk, use a latex draft (it can be washed with soap and water). If no, cloth dampened with water.

– If doors are varnished or lacquered, remember you have to be sanded before applying a sealer based and water.

A new trend we are seeing is chalk paint kitchen cabinets. This trend began in the walls, but now we see in paintings, vases, tables and almost any other surface you can paint with chalk. Chalk paint works like any other type of paint. Simply apply a sealer to the surface, let it dry completely, and ends with three to five coats of chalkboard paint. Wait a few days for everything to dry completely, and you are ready to create a shopping list or work of art with chalk paint kitchen cabinets. If you prefer, you can also use chalkboard paint in aerosol. This painting is quite affordable, so you can renew an area without investing too much. Are you Ready to get to work?

We keep trying to not only capture your artistic side, but also make your life simpler. Turned into slate, used to make lists, write prescriptions or writing chores. If you’re still not convinced use chalk paint kitchen cabinets, you might want to paint the inside of a cabinet. This way you still have a notebook when you need it, but will not look all the time and what you write will be more private.

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