Subway Tile Kitchen Ideas French style

Sep 28th
Yellow Subway Tile Kitchen
Yellow Subway Tile Kitchen

Subway tile kitchen are simple rectangles that usually come in white, black or green mint. Given its simple appearance, it is not surprising that are well suited to a wide range of styles. For added versatility, white subway tiles to provide a blank canvas for French look. In a kitchen, subway tiles used as splash guard for easy clean surface. Elsewhere, paint the walls a warm color. The background color will provide a striking contrast to the distressing white furniture, a common element in the French style. Use small touches of yellow and red, to provide a welcoming appearance. For a touch of color, keep lemons and fresh fruit on hand where they are visible, hanging baskets to show their nuances.

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While subway tile kitchen offers a relatively neutral background, as are the tiles, too much of it can make a room look cold or hard, the effect opposite you want to enjoy a French atmosphere. If allowed practicality, would only be part of tile at the height of the walls, and paint the upper regions of a contrasting color. If already you have a large tiled room adds a soft, natural feel with a bouquet of dried lavender, a touch to the outskirts of southern France.

Subway tile kitchen come in a wide variety of colors, and the rear wall can coordinate with the rest of the design.  The subway tile type traces their origins to 1904, when the New York subway opened to the world. He clothed all the walls, giving a brick-like but with a more personal aspect.

What makes it special? Subway tile kitchen type is known and used by planners to be a simple, elegant and durable piece. We are facing tiles developed by dry pressing and then painted in flat colors with matt or gloss finish. Its technical characteristics main ones being hygienic, easy cleaning, durability in time and easy installation. Its aesthetic characteristics that have marked key and your identity are: having a beveled along its perimeter, its rectangular format 10 × 20 cm and black and white colors in matte and gloss glazed.

Subway tile kitchen is a classic type of the ceramic world that remains unchanged over time and fashions. It is one of the emblem pieces that best represents the essence of the ceramic material. Transmitted to the eye and touch sensations in love from the first moment.

Subway Tile Kitchen Ideas Style

Subway tile kitchen – Subway tile is a construction material used for coating vertical surfaces such as walls and showers. It was originally used in the subways of New York City during the early twentieth century, which is where this product is named. These tiles are typically most of them are high, giving a distinctive appearance. If you are trying to recreate a historical or looking to develop your own unique style look, there are many ways to use these chips to complement the decor of your home.

One of the latest ideas for using subway tile kitchen in the home is to install in place of traditional coating. Creating meter frieze of tiles, you can add a modern look to your bathroom or hallway without going overboard. The tile may cover the bottom half of the wall, the painting can be used in the upper half. Another interesting alternative is to use regular wood panels or frieze at the bottom of the wall tile underground along the top instead of paint.

While classic subway tile kitchen were almost always white, the latest versions come in different colors and textures. You will find high-gloss and matte tiles, as well as those designed to resemble stone, metal or concrete. Experiment with the design of their chips to develop a look that matches your decor.

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